Datum konání: od 12.06.2017 do 16.06.2017
Místo: Slovenska Plaža, Budva, Černá Hora

 We would like to inform you that the abstract submission deadline is extended until December 31, 2016, hoping this extension will give you enough time to send your abstract(s)!

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RAD 2017 Scientific and Organizing Committees are glad to announce that, in the frame of RAD 2017 Conference, two Mini Symposia will be held on Tuesday, June 13, 2017: 


Radiation Research and Protection in Europe – HORIZON 2020  and

Administrative organization of EU Project Proposals 

 The chairperson of these Mini Symposia is Prof. Michael John Atkinson, Helmholtz Center Munich GmbH, Germany.


Complete programs of these Symposia will be available soon at Conference web site.


All participants of RAD 2017 Conference are very welcome to take part in these Symposia, and the participation is included in the Conference fee.


In the frames of RAD 2017 Conference, Sofia Guedes Vaz, Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal, will give a special talk NUCLEU2020 – A network of Horizon 2020 National Contact Points (NCP).


The talk will present the EURATOM programme, the work of NCP and the help they can give to researchers to apply to Horizon 2020 calls.


AirSerbia has become the Official Carrier of RAD 2017 Conference and it gives a special discount for the participants who fly to the Podgorica Airport and the Tivat Airport from certain destinations! For more details, please visit our page dedicated to travel: www.rad2017.rad-conference.org/travel.php



The Committee of National Coordinators has authorised a CEI contribution to RAD 2017 declaring it as a CEI Cooperation Activity.

Please note that it is not necessary to have a contribution to participate in RAD 2017 Conference! If you do not have a contribution, but you wish to participate, you will register yourself as a regular participant and take a participation in this event!


International Conference on Advances in Radiation Oncology (ICARO2)

Datum konání: od 20.06.2017 do 23.06.2017
Místo: Vídeň

The conference will provide radiation oncologists, medical physicists, radiotherapy technicians and other professionals with an overview of significant technological achievements in the field of radiotherapy and their potential therapeutic benefits, as well as with a summary of progress made in radiobiology and molecular medicine.
Please note that: No registration fee will be charged to participants. ICARO2 will also be designated for CME credits (in process). The IAEA will have limited funds at its disposal to help meet the cost of attendance of certain participants.
More detailed and updated information about the Conference can be found here.


The 6th World Congress of Clinical Safety

Datum konání: od 06.09.2017 do 08.09.2017
Místo: Rome, Italy


Poster: http://www.iarmm.org/6WCCS/(poster)6WCCS_2017.pdf

Flyer: http://www.iarmm.org/6WCCS/(Flyler)6WCCS_Rome.pdf


Studentská konference radiologické fyziky III

Datum konání: od 04.10.2017 do 06.10.2017
Místo: Kutná Hora

Pozvánka na Studentskou konferenci radiologické fyziky III zde.


International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine

Datum konání: od 11.12.2017 do 15.12.2017
Místo: Vídeň

International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine: Achieving Change in Practice will take place on 11-15 December 2017 in Vienna, Austria

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